Members Tea and Wetlands Walk

On Saturday 26 March the Betty’s Bay Conservancy (BBC) launched its ‘4th Saturday of the Month’ events programme with a ‘Meet and Greet’ members’ tea at Crassula Hall followed by an ‘Introduction to Wetlands’ walk.


Newsletter – June 2023

Our new newsletter banner highlights the phrase from Craig Foster’s message to the BBC at its first AGM in 2022. We will be promoting this, giving practical ideas of simple acts that we can all do because, as Craig said, “when lots of people each do small acts every day it makes a big difference”.

Newsletter – December 2022

This is our final newsletter of 2022 informing you of our recent activities. We hope it will encourage you to join in the Betty’s Bay Conservancy (BBC) events next year.

Newsletter – August 2022

The BBC has been busy since our March 2022 newsletter and we have lots to report back on. We hope there will be something of interest to all of you and that it will encourage you to join in future BBC events.

Newsletter – March 2022

This is our second “Quarterly” newsletter, though a bit belated, and we trust that 2022 is settling down to some more sense of normalcy for all of you.
You may be wondering what the Betty’s Bay Conservancy (BBC) has been involved in over the last six months. And what is ahead.

Newsletter – September 2021

This is the first of our quarterly newsletters to keep you informed of events, task teams and activities that the members of the BBC are involved in and can participate in that contribute towards conserving the biodiversity in our unique spot in the Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve


The Endangered Satyrium hallackii Bolus subsp. hallackii 

Satyrium is a genus of 91 species of which 88 occur in Africa (41 occur in South Africa) and 3 in Asia. The mountains of the Rift Valley, Drakensberg and the Cape Floristic Region (CFR) are the three main areas of diversity and the CFR has the highest concentration of 32 species1.