Thank you very much for your interest in the Betty’s Bay Conservancy (BBC).

Please read the Bettys Bay Conservancy Information Sheet before you sign the Application form

On the BBC Application Form: Please take the time to fill in your areas of interest and concern regarding conservation issues in Betty’s Bay, as well as any skills (e.g. IT, writing, website, admin, fundraising, photography, dealing with other organisations or the municipality, professional knowledge and experience, i.e. not just “conservation skills”) or relevant experience that you have that you can contribute towards helping the BBC achieve its objectives. This information helps us to identify Conservation issues the BBC can address with the involvement, skills and expertise of our members. We would also be very interested to hear of any conservation projects, personal or other that you may already be involved in.

Our aim is to develop various Focus Groups or Task Teams to address these “conservation issues” so that members can become actively involved in the areas they are concerned about.

After reading the BBC Information sheet, if you would like to commit to the Vision, Mission and main Objective and be part of the Bettys Bay Conservancy, then please complete the application form, sign the pledge of commitment and return it to:

On receipt and acceptance of your membership application by BBC ExCom you will be notified and sent the bank details for payment.

Best wishes
The BBC Team